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Caroline Seikaly is an American-Lebanese designer with French roots. She grew up in the United States and studied fashion design at the Rhode Island School of Design and while she was there, she also had the opportunity to collaborate with Isaac Mizrahi in New York. After graduation, Seikaly moved to Paris to gain experience in Haute Couture with Christian Lacroix. Post this, in 1999, she joined Karl Lagerfeld窶冱 creative team and was involved in the development of Lagerfeld Gallery. In 2006, she decided to branch out to develop her own brand and that led her to where she is today.窶廬 was always fascinated with the glamor of the fashion industry from a young age. I used to watch a lot of very old movies and I loved the looks, the color and the overall chic and refined style of those eras,窶 she said. 窶弋hat fascination eventually turned into my passion and I always knew that fashion was where I wanted to be,窶 she added. Arab News interviewed Seikaly to find out more about her passion for fashion, her experience, brand and future plans. You interned at Christian Lacroix in Paris and a few months later, you got a job at the Lagerfeld Gallery. Tell us about this experience. Both experiences were extremely beneficial in my growth as a designer. I learned different lessons from each opportunity. For example, I learned how to have a lot of discipline and very importantly, how to work in a team. In addition to this, I was able to observe two masters of our time and learn from their ways, which was a great privilege for me.What encouraged you to start your own brand?Having my own brand was something I always wanted to do. When I branched out on my own in 2006, I did so knowing that I had learnt as much as I could in each of the experiences I had till that date and it was time to apply all of those to my own line.What inspires you when working on a new collection?Different things lead to inspiration when working on a collection. Anything from a movie to music to a prin

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While high-end art in the Arab world is flourishing as locals begin to understand its significance pertaining to their lives, its other equally famous sibling 窶徭treet art窶 (often referred to as a provocative art form) is also making a huge impact. Though other countries in the region were already familiar with its far-reaching effect, the walls across Dubai looked bare and lifeless. Thanks to Ruben Sanchez, a famous Spanish artist, it all changed when he dropped by and gave the city a unique chance to experience the magic of street art. In an exclusive interview with Arab News, we sit down with him to find out about his fascination with street art and a whole lot more.What attracted you to street art in the first place?You know it窶冱 the freedom of expressing your ideas onto an undefined canvas publicly. Not only that, you soon realize you have the diversity of choices available. Basically, it窶冱 a free world where no rules apply. What matters the most is the high visibility factor. Why did you choose Dubai to explore the world of this increasingly popular art as part of your artistic journey?Dubai窶冱 creative hub 窶弋ashkeel窶 offered me to be part of their Guest Artist Program two years ago. The experience was so great that I窶冦 still here as its resident artist. Where do your inspirations come from?They all come from the Mediterranean lifestyle, quotidian situations with a surrealistic twist. Sometimes you don窶冲 know where inspiration might pop up from. Sometimes you just feel inspired by the things or experiences that surround you. To what degree is street art popular in the UAE on the whole?Street art barely exists in the UAE outside sponsored events. It窶冱 good to see those small real actions in this city though. What techniques and materials do you use while doing your paint work?When working outdoors, I just use spray paint. While working in the studio I mix different materials and I mostly paint with acrylic paint. How important is it for you to

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WASHINGTON: Authorities arrested both an Illinois Army National Guardsman who tried to travel to Libya and fight with the Islamic State and a cousin who was plotting to attack a US military installation and kill scores, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.Hasan Rasheed Edmonds, 22, and his cousin Jonas Marcel Edmonds, 29, both of Aurora, Illinois, were charged with conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist organization.FBI agents intercepted Hasan Edmonds at Chicago Midway International Airport on Wednesday evening before he was able to board a flight to Detroit and ultimately make his way to Cairo via Amsterdam.His cousin was taken into custody without incident at his home after taking Hasan Edmonds to the airport. The two men appeared Thursday in federal court, where a judge ordered them held. One of their lawyers declined to comment, while the other could not be immediately reached.Prosecutors said Hasan Edmonds, a specialist in the Illinois Army National Guard, came to the attention of the FBI late last year when investigators learned that he intended to use his military training on behalf of the Islamic State.Once Edmonds was out of the country, the FBI said, his cousin, a convicted felon, planned to attack a US military facility in northern Illinois.It is unclear how Hasan Edmonds first came to the attention of the FBI, but last year an undercover agent sent him a message on Facebook, according to a criminal complaint. In response, Edmonds said he was trying to get all his 窶彗ffairs in order and get my funds up for the plunge.窶昶廬 want to make sure my affairs here are set before leaving to give my all for this deen窶 or faith, he said.In January, Edmonds received another message from the undercover FBI agent, asking if he was going to Turkey or Egypt to study.窶廬 wish to go to Dawlah,窶 Edmonds said. Dawlah is used frequently to refer to the Islamic State. He later told the undercover agent he was required to support the Islamic State.窶!ENDVALUE!

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bm5pbmcgc2h1dG91dCBhZ2FpbnN0IEZhaXJsZXNzLCBhbHNvIHNjb3JlZCBzZXZlbiBydW5zIGFu hollister clothing The white blossom is usually very dense and eye-catching, providing a feast of flowers early in the year when most hedgerows don窶冲 even have their new leaves. When the blackthorn窶冱 leaves do arrive, they are very small and green, rather dull coloured too, but it is the fruit of this tree that increases its popularity. a www.coachfactory.mobi
The head coach also revealed that Siem de Jong is close to running again after the Dutchman suffered a collapsed lung, but he wouldn窶冲 be drawn into speculation over whether the forward will return before the end of the campaign. burberry outlet online While living in the old farmhouse, which had lain derelict until it was made habitable by the previous owners 25 years before, she and Steven first turned two outlying rooms into a separate, one-bedroomed luxury holiday cottage six years ago. 窶弩e always knew we wanted to offer others the opportunity to experience such a wonderful location and wanted to make more of the outside and the farreaching views.窶 Dawn shopped online for everything from the fitted kitchen to bathroom furniture and they soon found a team of reliable and skilled local builders and tradespeople, along with a contemporary-style architect a neighbour recommended.
Playing his second organized hockey game in five months, Witt helped the Flying Mules to a 5-4 win over LePamplemousse out of Kalispell on Friday night, setting up Gary Jahrig for a goal. It was Jahrig who connected with Witt to help with Missoula Youth Hockey窶冱 窶廰earn to Play窶 program a year ago. That in turn helped to get Witt in a Mules窶 sweater. www.louisvuittonoutlet.mobi Fredericks's inventory now includes a choice of four styles of shirts and nearly 10

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bmEgaW4gc2Vjb25kIHJvdW5kIG9mIHRoZSBOQ0FBIFRvdXJuYW1lbnQgb24gU2F0dXJkYXkgJiM4 oakley glasses As the genes in our DNA determine and control our physiological constitution, the meme determines our beliefs, which in turn control our feelings, our emotions, our actions and our behavior. We, humans, are unique; our spirit is born free, but it soon becomes bonded by the memes that form our culture; for as soon as we open our eyes to the world, we become programmed to conform to social and cultural norms that shape our thinking, our beliefs and our behavior. As we grow up we become more indoctrinated, more tightly molded into the cultural code, which then becomes like the air we breath, indispensable. j http://www.oakley-sunglass.us.org/
Transporter Bridge Visitor Centre, Ferry Road, Middlesbrough, June 4 to 22, Rediscover Stockton Shop, 134b High Street, Stockton, June 24 to July 6, Middlesbrough Central Library, Victoria Square, Middlesbrough, July 8 to 31 Head of Steam, Darlington Railway Museum, Station Road, Darlington, August 5 to 31, Kirkleatham Museum, Kirkleatham, Redcar, September 2 to November 2, Hartlepool Central Library, 124 York Road, Hartlepool, November 4 until a date in December yet to be confirmed, Darlington Central Library, Crown Street, Darlington from a January date yet to be set until February 26, Thornaby Central Library, Wrightson House, Pavilion Shopping Centre, Thornaby, Stockton, February 28 to March 31, 2015. Subject to grant funding it will also visit the Yarm 1914 Commemoration Group event at Willey Flatts Field, Yarm, on August 2 and 3 2014. michael kors outlet online This weekend's show, entitled 窶呂ream of the Crop,窶 takes place at the Rainton Meadows Arena on Sunday 30 November, doors opening at 12.30pm, with tickets starting at ツ」30.
"Everybody's going to have to do more than they are do

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DUBAI: The Middle East窶冱 first three-dimensional pavement art festival, starring works by international artists that appear to rise from the ground, kicked off this week in Dubai, its organizers said.The Dubai Canvas Festival features 3-D artworks in chalk or paint, many of them depicting eye-catching images of the Emirati city.Kurt Wenner, creator of the 3-D pavement painting technique, said the setting of Dubai provided a 窶忤onderful窶 chance to incorporate art into the city窶冱 ever-expanding landscape.窶弩hat happened in Dubai as far as I can tell is that the concentration of vision has been architectural and I think they窶决e still working on how they窶决e going to be incorporating the visual arts,窶 he told AFP.Noora Al-Abbar, director of communications and innovation at the government of Dubai, said the festival was part of a wider initiative to transform the city into 窶彗n open air art museum.窶抂ne of the festival pieces, a chalk drawing by Wenner, shows a boy aboard a traditional Emirati fishing boat surrounded by children carrying baskets of pearls and shells. Dubai窶冱 landmark high-rise skyscrapers are seen in the background. Syrian visitor Omar Adi said the festival was 窶彗 huge opportunity for artists to showcase their talents and it is a new form of 3-D art that we haven窶冲 been used to in the Middle East.窶戰ubai, famous for its glitzy buildings, is home to Burj Khalifa, the world窶冱 tallest tower, as well as Dubai Mall, one of the largest shopping centers on Earth.But the city has recently been investing in cultural projects, with plans afoot to build an opera house and a modern art museum.Later this month it will hold the ninth edition of Art Dubai, billed as the leading contemporary art fair in the Middle East and North Africa.In order to increase awareness about the global event, Brand Dubai launched a photography competition on Instagram for Dubai Canvas窶 visitors. The competition窶冱 theme is 窶牢hoot 窶 Post 窶 Win.窶儺he competi

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Miller says seeing images of self-harm could encourage vulnerable girls to do the same. www.ralphlaurenoutlet.eu.com Nxumalo
Sorry..You can not use COMMENT tag in comment.Event winners - 100 meter dash: Maurice Simpson, MK, 11.09. 200: Simpson, MK, 22.35. 400: Albert Charles, BT, 52.39. 800: Junior Quintero, ART, 2:05.50. 1600: Quintero, ART, 4:44.48. 3200: Alberto Torrez, ART, 10:42.41. 110 meter hurdles: Cameron Anglin, MK, 15.89. 300 hurdles: Jaree Collins, RIV, 44.60. 400 relay: King (Maurice Simpson, Keshon Stewart, Linzy Hudson, Keyshawn Davis), 43.53. 800 relay: Riverside (Trelijah Miller, Castel Housen, Zach Peters, Brian Nash), 1:32.41. 1600 relay: Vincent (Jashawn Ford, Sha-Ron Sims, Breon Chappell, Daquan Joseph), 3:35.76. 3200 relay: Vincent (Breon Chappell, Marquis McMillian, Jeremy Scott, Alston Walker), 8:43.84. High jump: Jerry Truss, MW, 6-2. Long

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窶廩im not being able to participate in that ceremony and then to get this news today, it窶冱 tough,窶 O窶僖ell said, later adding, 窶徂e loved the boys that played for him. He taught us so much about the game of baseball and life.窶 coach factory And he's not averse to jamming: It's what you do inside the song, the solos, the musicianship, the understanding, the camaraderie that comes from that. The belief if you fall, I'll catch you. It's a beautiful concept. m gucci outlet
From this newspaper 100 years ago. 窶 A public meeting was held in the Town Hall, Northallerton, on Monday evening, for the purpose of founding a Volunteer Training Corps in affiliation with the Central Association of Voluntary Training Corps, London. The chairman, Mr John Hutton, said they were met on the occasion of the gravest period which this country had passed through since that great war in the 18th century which terminated with Waterloo in 1815. This was suddenly declared at the beginning of August, and he thought that we should be most truly thankful that we had at the head of military affairs of this country men experienced in the Boer War 窶 Sir John French, the General who succeeded him at Aldershot, and the Generals of the War Office and on the Army Council, who trained our soldiers in the very highest forms of modern military details, teaching them everything that could be known in scientific warfare. The consequence was that when our Army went into France they were able by the lessons which had been taught them, by the discipline which they had learnt, not only to face the enemy with great bravery and skill, but to endure without flinching the terrible retirement from Mons, which was done in a manner worthy of the very finest troops in the world. Since that time they have proved themselves indeed worthy of the best traditions of the British Army. Never in any part of their history had Briti

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Reiss is a modern, global fashion brand offering stylish womenswear, menswear and accessories based in the UK with branches all over the world. Its philosophy of holding creativity at its heart guides Reiss through its international business development. This year, Reiss was inspired by the glamorous golden era of Hollywood 窶 there窶冱 a sense of discomfort and an anarchic desire for change, the creative restlessness of time gone by for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection.Also taking inspiration from Warhol窶冱 70s Manhattan, its women窶冱 evening wear takes a relaxed, cultured approach with BRAMLEY fluid tuxedo jumpsuit, ADELA tiered maxi dress and DILETTA draped asymmetric tuxedo skirt. A raconteur residing in a luxurious lifestyle, she possesses a taste for the cutting edge and is both elegant and incomparable.Celebrating the pioneering spirit, this collection embarks on a creative journey. A harmony of silhouette and vibrant color, treasured surface embellishment reflects a collector窶冱 attitude blended with craftsmanship in ELSON devorテゥ laser cut dress, SPIRA nude devorテゥ t-shirt, KEELY lace sweatshirt and FILEY leather skirt with embroidered lace. An interest in tomorrow窶冱 innovations combines with capturing today窶冱 aesthetic.Considered separates create the perfect wardrobe where fit and silhouette elevate core pieces. Relevance and functionality prevail as items take on iconic, archival forms as seen in RADZI fluid cupro mac, IVES wrapped blouse and CORSO tiered georgette dress.Transparency contrasts against colors and patterns of boldness. Timelessness intertwines with modernity. Weight versus weightlessness. There窶冱 opulence in subtle detailing.Palettes weave pastels with candy bright, cosmetic hues sit alongside metallic and calm greens settle down intense blues.When it comes to accessories, arm candy sees shapes soften with confident hardware featuring shard metal work in shoulder bag CRANDON. A signature, etched lock evolves into a drawstring t

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